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Not every lawyer is equipped to handle the nuance of a family law case.  Experienced family court lawyers in Vancouver WA have to know the law, how the judges interpret that law, the local legal customs, and opposing counsel to truly be able to represent your best interests.  Family court lawyers from other states or jurisdictions may only have a portion of the skill set necessary.  At Priest & Ellis PLLC, we are located in Vancouver WA, blocks from the Clark County courthouse.  We work with the local family court lawyers day in and day out.  We understand family law and how each of the Clark County judges interpret those same laws.  Furthermore, we have practice law here daily and are intimately connected to the local family law services that Vancouver WA and Clark County, Washington have to offer.  If you live in Vancouver WA or are facing a family law case in Clark County, look no further for an experienced divorce lawyer.

Experienced Family Lawyer

When looking for a family lawyer, you should seek an attorney with experience in the local courts and who has a good reputation amongst his or her peers.  So much of family law is negotiation based or resolved through alternative dispute resolution like mediation.  If you hire a family lawyer who only knows how to fight, don’t be surprised when you pay a lot in legal fees with little progress to show for it.  A lawyer who only wants to bill more and more time, can make a fight out of anything.  However, those lawyers often have a reputation for such behavior and they’ve worn out the good graces of the courts and their fellow lawyers.  Rather, a family lawyer who can effectively negotiate for you can get more mileage out of your legal retainer.  Family court lawyers come in all types, so choose wisely.

Family Court Lawyers Consultation

We offer a $100 flat-rate family law consultation on every family law case.  We are available to meet and discuss your particular case needs.  We can review the court filings, your circumstances, and your financials.  We can give you advice and answer questions as well.  If you like what you hear, we are often available to start on your case immediately if you choose to hire us.  We look forward to meeting with you and sharing what we can offer to your case.