Divorce in Washington State is the process of requesting the legal end of a marriage that you believe to be “irretrievably broken”.  While that goal may seem simple as a prospect, in execution it can rival a business merger in complexity, depending on the circumstances.  A divorce attorney can help focus your efforts on the most important aspects of the process so that your energies are best spent on those things that matter and will be vital in the process.  Although individuals do their own divorces every day in Vancouver, Washington, it can be difficult or even impossible to correct a legal misstep in your divorce case.  Some things are simply to import for the do-it-yourselfer.

Divorce proceedings typically focus on child custody, parenting time, property division, spousal support, and child support issues.  Depending on your particular marriage, one or more of these issues can be extremely complicated.  An array of professionals might be required to participate in your case to end a marriage, from appraisers, accountants, real estate agents, insurance agents, guardian ad litems, mediators, investigators, custody evaluators and more.  Having a divorce attorney in Vancouver, Washington who can help decide which, if any, of these tactics will best accommodate  your goals from in a divorce proceeding is crucial.

Even starting a divorce proceeding can be daunting, where Washington courts can require over a hundred of pages to be filed with the court at the case’s outset.  Despite its daunting complexity, divorce is at its core intended to be an equitable remedy, so its aims are those of doing what is the best interest of everybody involved (even it might not always seem that way).  Therefore, an experienced divorce attorney can and should make the process understandable so that you have piece of mind throughout the process.