Divorce & Family Law Attorney

A good Vancouver, Washington family law and divorce attorney is a phone call away. Although divorce is often complex and rarely pleasant, you do not have to undertake ending your marriage or child custody dispute alone. Family law and divorce presents several challenges that can affect your children, your life, and your financial future. In Vancouver, Washington divorce and child custody matters, the stakes can be high, so the help of a trustworthy and affordable attorney is vital to for achieving success in your family law matter.

Priest Family Law works hard to build client trust, understanding, and achieve favorable results when those stakes are the highest. If you are going through a divorce . . . If you are in a dispute over child custody and parenting time . . . If you issues of financially supporting your family are stressing you out, call Priest Family Law to consult with an attorney that can help you through your divorce or family law case.

Divorce Lawyer

No two divorces are the same, so it pays to have an attorney who listens and engages with his clients to help deliver as close to expectations as possible.  While no divorce attorney can make the divorce process painless, an attentive attorney can help make the process less scary, help you understand the process, and best position yourself in the manner most likely to make the court system work for you, rather than against you.  Roger Priest prides himself on always being available to clients, in person or over the phone.  He is never too busy to make sure clients are taken care of and kept in the loop.

If you find yourself facing the prospect of divorce, family law attorney Roger Priest can help you navigate the red tape and pitfalls, whether your divorce is a contentious or amicable one.  Roger Priest has the reputation and courtroom experience to negotiate fairly or fight it out in court if the case requires it.  Most importantly, Roger Priest can help you make smart decisions in your divorce case, so you can move on with your life and not fall victim to a never ending divorce case.  If you are facing a divorce or simply want to get more information about the process, Roger Priest is available for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your particular case.  Call today.

Child Custody, Support, and Modification

Divorce isn’t the only area where you may need a family law attorney.  If you share a child with another person, you may need the Courts to help you establish a child custody determination or parenting plan, child support or modify a previous case.  The process can be difficult to navigate, so it help to have the help of a professional family law attorney to  make sure you make no mistakes.  The law can be unforgiving to mistakes, so take no chances and seek the help of an experienced divorce and family law attorney.

Priest Family Law’s Other Services

Whether contested or uncontested, Priest Family Law focuses on making sure that clients get good communication, information, and results. When a case cannot avoid the litigation, a strong courtroom advocate is key. Roger Priest has worked in the courtroom his entire career and can negotiate fairly when parties can reasonably work together and advocate in court when litigation is unavoidable.

Priest Family Law offers a variety of fixed-rate and hourly options for Vancouver, Washington family law and divorce cases, so call to consult with an attorney today. When your family is on the line, don’t leave matters to chance. Use your head and call for professional legal help today.

Sometimes a paternity action is required to impose parental responsibilities, like child support. Sometimes, a father must file suit to acquire the legal rights of fatherhood, like child visitation. Where the law doesn’t presume who the father is, a legal action can be required to decide fatherhood. A family law attorney can help you file a paternity action so that you can have the Court decide important matters like child custody, visitation, and support. The procedure and forms can be daunting so letting an experienced attorney help you can make an already stressful situation easier to handle.

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