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Priest Family Law is a Vancouver, Washington law firm handling family law, elder law, and criminal defense.  If you need a divorce attorney, we offer experience, expertise, and compassion in our practice.  There are many types of divorce lawyers you can hire.  Some value conflict over progress, because it helps justify a higher bill.

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We believe a divorce lawyer should seek the best solution for a client even if it results in less billable hours at the end of the day.  We believe that doing right by our family law clients will ultimately pay better dividends by leaving our clients happier with the outcome of our work.  If you need a divorce attorney you can trust, call today to schedule a consultation with one of our Vancouver WA family law attorneys.

Priest and Ellis PLLC - Family Law & Divorce Lawyers in Vancouver WA

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We can help with a variety of family law matters, including:

We provide reasonable and protective advice to ensure your rights remain intact.  We represent mothers rights and fathers rights, and can deftly handle the differences that a case may require depending on which parent we represent.

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